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We help you deliver brilliant experiences for your guests, exclusively through Park Connect.

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Keep guests informed

Reduce repeat questions, update 24/7

Increase confidence

Everything guests need, right at their fingertips

Reduce cost and waste

No need for printed 'in room' guest information

'No coding' required

Really simple admin, legendary support

Your own Guest Exprience app on ConciergePro

We've teamed up to Park Connect to provide Holiday Parks and Resorts with a feature packed state of the art guest experience app!

Crealy Holiday Park Guest App
Feature packed!

Everything you need to keep guests informed and engaged before, during and after their stay!

Guest info, messages, push notifications, registration, chat, maps, booking pages and much more.

What's the offer?

We'll sort everything. Yup. Really.

We'll set up your app, provide training, QR codes and links for your guests. There's no 'coding', technical impact or integrations required.

You'll be good to go in hours!

Months 3 and 6 are FREE!

We normally charge a subscription of £39 per property per month, plus set up fees.

With Park Connect month 3 and 6 are FREE and there are NO set up costs.

Why ConciergePro?

We've done this before and have already worked with a number of brilliant parks over the past 3 years.

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How do I get this for my Holiday Park?

Request a FREE demo here and if you'd like to go ahead, quote 'Park Connect'.

We'll sort the rest.

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hello at kappowapps.com

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